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Sue Ann Hurlbert, DVM


Dr. Sue Ann Hurlbert is one of our outstanding DVMs. She has a Bachelor of Science from NCSU and received her DVM from NCSU-CVM. She has been working in the veterinary field for over 40 years, and her experience spans standard veterinary medicine, large animal, avian, and even large exotic veterinary science. Dr. Hurlbert has been with HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic since its inception in 1997, and learns something new every day. She excels at establishing personal relationships with her clients, establishing medical plans that encompass the needs of both the pets and their families, and remaining sensitive to the needs of a pet throughout each phase of its life.

Dr. Hurlbert has two grown daughters-Erin and Adelaide-and a wonderful husband Doug, who cares for the jungle of plants throughout the clinic. She also has several four-legged children at home: cats Cricket and Ponti who graciously consent to “share” their home, a dog Emma who can do no wrong, and two horses Truffle and Sally. She also has nine Belgium Waterslager Canaries who keep the house full of song.

Dr. Sue Ann Hurlbert, DVM